How do I register a bundled product?

In BoxHero, you can create and manage bundled products with multiple configurations, such as sets and bundles, with registered products 🙂

You can add products by clicking on [Purchase & Sales] - [Bundle] - [Add Bundle] on the upper right hand corner.

If you purchase and ship the registered bundled products through the [Purchase & Sales] menu, the number of connected products will be adjusted and reflected in the inventory!

Usage example
  • Product A 20 = Bundled Product B Registration → When 1 bundled Product B is stocked in the purchase menu, 20 Product A stock is added
  • Product A 1 + Product B 1 = Bundled product C registration → When 1 bundled product C is shipped from the sales menu, 1 product A and 1 product B stock are deducted   

* Please register and use bundled products only when necessary. It is recommended to use it according to the situation, such as when inventory management is required even in a box unit or when several products are bundled and sold as a package product!

However, registered bundled products can only be used in the [Purchase & Sales] menus, and cannot be searched in the [Stock In/Out] menu.