How can I edit multiple items at once?

You can quickly edit details of multiple items at once by importing Excel files from  [Data Center] > [Import Excel] > [Bulk edit]

Excel File Import

You can upload an Excel file containing product details to be edited OR copy and paste the Excel sheet data into the bottom area.

💡 Please note barcodes must be in the Excel file to correspond to the right product. If you do not have an Excel sheet with the properly categories, go to   Data Center > ProductExport Excel . After editing the spreadsheet, please upload again.

Matching Category with each Column

BoxHero will automatically match categories if they are on the first row. If it does not match, the category names and the first row may have different titles. Please select categories manually after uploading the Excel file.

After matching categories, you can check data before you submit it. If previous data is edited to new data, it will be displayed in green.

If you have a category you do not want to edit, you can select Leave As-Is in the list at the top of the category drop down list, and if you do not want to edit a product, you can exclude it by clicking X on the left side of the product.

💡 Please keep in mind that once you submit, the data will be edited and restoring is unavailable.