Please recommend a label printer!

For label printers, there are thermal printers options also general laser and inkjet printers. You may want to choose a label paper that fits your printer after purchasing from any stationery stores, online shopping malls, and more!

Here are some industrial thermal paper label printers and thermal transfer label printers.

Recommended industrial thermal paper label printer

1. Zebra ZD410–$550

Zebra's thermal printer is a compact thermal printer that boasts excellent printing capabilities.

2. Epson TM-T88VI — 300,000 won

Epson's fast and accurate barcode printer.

3. TSC (TSC) TTP-244 – 200,000 won

It is a TSC label printer that is effective for quick business processing with high printing speed.

Thermal Transfer Label Printer Recommendation

1. Brother PT-9800PCN — 500,000 won

It is a label printer with clear resolution and high speed thermal transfer method.

2. Bixolon SLP-T400 — 300,000 won

Bixolon's label printer boasts a small size and fast printing speed.

3. Epson OK600P — $200

It is Epson's barcode printer with a slim design and easy operation.

In addition, you can check thermal paper labelers such as Zebra, Epson, and TSC in various open markets!

💡  The label printer device listed above are not rankings or based on any specific criteria.