If you have team members, let's invite them!

If you have co-workers to manage your inventory, you can invite them to join them!

First , go to [Payment & Settings] - [Member & Role] . Click the [Invite Link] button in the upper right corner to create and automatically copy the invitation link. Now you can share this link via email or any messenger app of your choice!

Administrators can set permissions for invited member.

You can create custom roles specifically tailored to each member by clicking [Manage Role] - [+ Add] in the upper right corner, input the name, and check the permissions to allow or block! 

Under [Member & Role], if you would like to give permission to view only the inventory status, you can set their profile to [Viewer] or any other custom roles. In the case of custom roles, if you would like to allow members to [Stock In/Out] but not to create [Purchase Orders] or [Products], you can check the boxes in those roles to only allow those function and remove the Basic Data functions.