I received a message saying my payment failed

If you cannot use the normal business plan due to payment issues even though you entered your card information during the initial payment, there are two major problems!

Please note: If you have already paid for and used the business plan and payment is not processed successfully on the payment date, please retry the payment system 3 times within a week. If all payment attempts are unsuccessful, you will be automatically switched to the Single plan.

If the card does not support overseas payment,

With Box Hero, you can pay with cards that accept overseas payments, such as Visa and Master. 

If you are prompted to contact your bank or credit card company,

This message is frequently displayed when there is a problem with the card or the credit card company or bank does not approve the payment. If there is no problem, please contact the Box Hero customer center.

If none of the above two cases or the problem is not resolved, please send the error code and team name to the customer center and we will help you as soon as possible 😊