Simple Label Customization and Printing!

Box Hero provides product label editing and printing functions! 

Select either barcode, QR code, or text format, you can also customize your labels. Select a template from [Print Barcode] - [Product] you can edit the template in the Add Template section on the next page. 

You can add a template by selecting a brand of ready to print labels and add the content you want to display! You can automatically copy the attribute by clicking the descriptive value at the top. If you put the copied information at the bottom, you can check the preview of the property information.

It is possible to freely customize the content, font, and size of the label paper 👍
If you create your own label designs for each item, wouldn't it be more useful?

After creating a label template, go to [Print Barcode] - [Product] and register the product you want to print. Check the desired quantity and click [Print] at the bottom right to print the label!