Please recommend a barcode scanner!

BoxHero supports all types of barcode scanners as long as they can connect to a PC. Using USB and Bluetooth connectivity, these models not only are easy to pair but take little effort to use. The best practice is to choose a barcode scanner based on your environment!

1) Entry-level scanner

When using in open environments such as supermarkets, offices, and clothing stores, a general entry-level scanner is recommended. 😀

2) Industrial Scanner

For harsh environments or work environments with a lot of liquid substances, industrial scanners are recommended!

3) Long-distance scanner

In addition to durability, long-distance scanners are recommended if you need to read barcodes from a distance, or if you need to read very small barcodes!

💡 You don't have to buy a barcode scanner. Even if you do not have a barcode scanner, you can use the scanning function using the barcode mobile app.

Would you like to receive more detailed scanner recommendations? See the link below!

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