How do I move a product's location?

💡 Moving products between locations is an important function in Location Mode! it is useful for keeping track of where each product is located and notifying low quantities in each location. 

This special feature in Location mode allows you to move inventory from one location to another. There are three ways to move the products: 

1. Individually move directly

2. Barcode scan 

3. Upload excel file

4. Mobile app

1. Directly move product 

Under the [Stock Move] tab select the locations you would like to

move the products between. Click on the [Product to Move] - [Enter Quantity to Move] - [Enter memo] - [Done] to complete moving products.  

You can check the records of product movement in the [History] tab!

2. Barcode Scan

After pressing the [Barcode Scan Button], you can move products quickly and accurately by scanning the barcode of each product with the barcode scanner.

Navigate by mobile location

On mobile, you can move locations 

3. Move to Excel

It there are many products that need to be moved, or if there is a history already created on Excel, click the [Import Excel] and upload the Excel file to make adjustments at once.

4. Move Location using Mobile

On mobile, you can move locations as well. Here are 3 methods!

1. Select and move directly from the [Product List]

2. Navigate through barcode scanning

3. Moving through an external scanner