How can I edit the receiving and shipping dates?

Unfortunately there is no way to edit the receiving and shipping dates directly. However, there is a method to adjust the dates.

Please note, completely removing a transaction from the History feature, especially the transaction date, is restricted!

1) Use History Menu

In the [History] tab, select the transaction to be edited. Note the details of the Stock In/Out for later. 

Click [More] - [Edit & Delete] in the drop down menu. The [Delete] button will appear on the upper right corner. 

Deleted content will leave a section in the History if there is a need to research later.

2) Utilizing missing entry

Please click the [Stock In/Out] - [Add Missing Transaction] to adjust any transactions that were not entered prior. Here you will need to input the details from the [Stock In/Out] transaction that was deleted prior along with the corrected date.