Why are my labels printing incorrectly?

Please check if the paper's size is properly inserted with the below order.

  1. Check if the size is inserted properly in the Label Design Settings
  2. Check the desktop OS settings when printing labels


Please check the Settings > Device > Printers & Scanners > Choose the printer to use > Manage > Printing Preferences. Check if the paper is in Proper Setting and if the output size percentage is set as 100%.

3. Check the settings on the Label Print page in BoxHero
Go to BoxHero web and click Print > Settings.

- Paper size : Set to fit the label you use
- Scale : 100% or custom to fit it

[Mac Print App]

Please go to printer setting and go to Show Details > Paper Size. Check if the paper is in a proper setting and arrange the paper size as 100%.

  • If you can't find your paper size, please add it from Settings > Printers & Scanners > Choose the printer to use > Default Paper Size.
  • After adding the paper size, select it as a default paper size to automatically print it in the settings in the future