Why is my payment getting declined when I have money?

Your card may be declined for several reasons:

  • The card has expired
  • You're over your credit limit
  • The card is not for an international payment or recurring payment

The card is not for international payments or recurring payments.

You can process your payment with a card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) authorized for international and recurring payments.

If you don't have a card for international and recurring payments., we can provide a one-time payment via the invoice payment link or SWIFT e-transfer.

💡 Due to system linkage problems, you can pay only the Yearly Plan for invoice payment link or SWIFT e-transfer.

If you get a message to contact a bank or card company

It's a message that frequently appears if there is a problem with the card or if the card company or bank doesn't approve the payment. Contacting the bank or card company is required, and if they say the card has no problem, please get in touch with the BoxHero support center.

If the above cases are not the problem, please send the error code and team name to the BoxHero Support Center, and we will help you as soon as possible.

💡 You have paid for the Business Plan before and are using it, but the payment is not processed on the billing date? Don't worry. We will retry the payment up to 3 times in the week. But, if all payments are declined, your team will automatically switch to Single Plan.